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May 29, 2013 - Turner Field - Home of The Braves

The name Atlanta Braves is at the tip of every baseball fan’s tongue when it comes to the game. The Braves who are sometimes referred fondly as the Bravos are a professional baseball team that is based in Atlanta which has undergone many name changes in the past and we can easily see that during our Atlanta charter bus rental visit. Ever since Turner Field was built in 1997, the Braves have been playing most of their major league in the ecstatically-pleasing and benchmark-setting field.

For those who are curious about the origin of the name, it is apparently derived from a Native American Warrior, which makes perfect sense. Most of the Braves’ major league games and broadcasted and publicized on a national level, therefore, they are sometimes known as simply America’s Team. Just a little fun fact to peek your interest as you explore the park and plaza with your loved ones during your bus charters vacation in Atlanta.

The Braves have successfully leveraged on their success, branding and game too, having risen from ashes to becoming one of the largest sell-out franchises in baseball. The franchise has been said to play a close rival to the soccer scene in the United Kingdom.

Yes, ever since Turner Field became their home, the field has also become Atlanta’s beloved landmark and the design of the park seems to have raised the standard for baseball field designs by a couple of notches too.

‘Turner Park simply embodies old-school family fun without making you feel like you are watching a baseball game in a museum. That is one of the reason why the park brings back so many memories and is now a landmark in Atlanta,’ chimes in a baseball fan who is also one of our loyal Atlanta charter bus rental customers. Other baseball park designers, we reckon, would have to consider the technology and innovative designs used for Turner Park as a reference point in the future. The design, suffice to say, is quite unlike other parks.

One of the things that made Turner Park stand out amongst all the other parks pitched against it in the battle of ‘The Best Baseball Park’ would be its superior sound system. At all times, during the games, fans and supporters are kept informed and entertained through the high quality sound system and BravesVision video board. The vision board, for all intents and purposes, weights over twenty one tons and is 20 by 38 feet. To make the Atlanta bus charters rental experience even more enriching, the vision board is encircled by more than three hundred thirty one thousand lights.

There are two parts to Turner Park which means that two different events could be happening at the same time - one at the bowl and the other on the inside of the Plaza.

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