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Explore these quaint attractions in Decatur - Dekalb History Center, Fernbank Natural History Museum or attend the annual Beach Party with a Atlanta charter bus

The Quaint City of Decatur

Feb 20, 2014

If you are not particularly keen on visiting a metropolitan city like downtown Atlanta, there is a fascinating quaint city near Atlanta, although slightly isolated. This city is called Decatur, and is centered on the historic Decatur Courthouse.

Previously a railroad transportation hub, Decatur is now one of the parts in Atlanta that maintains its small town, artsy feel. Because Atlanta itself it a city that is known for its business and fast paced international corporate life, Decatur can be said to be a city that is the opposite of that, moving at a slower, more relaxed pace.

Places to visit in Decatur

Although most of Decatur is of walkable distance, it would be wiser and more comfortable to hire a charter bus to get around places of interest in Decatur since public transportation here is pretty limited. There are many quaint places of interest in Decatur and it would be great if you could visit all of them.

  • DeKalb History Center: This small museum maintains and stores much of DeKalb County history. The center itself is a sight to behold, as this museum is located inside the Old Courthouse on the Square.
  • Original Waffle House & Museum: This is a recreation of the first Waffle House that includes a 13-stool diner, vintage equipment and exhibits of old uniforms, memorabilia and even a jukebox.
  • Fernbank Natural History Museum: Here, mini bus rental visitors enjoy not only an educational experience, but an entertaining one as well. There are dinosaurs and an interactive exhibition for children, as well as housing a full IMAX theatre.

Festivals in Decatur

Many of the events and festivals in Decatur are scheduled in advanced for the entire year. However, to avoid disappointment, you can call +1 404 371-9583 for more information. Some of the events that are held annually are such as:

  • Decatur Arts Festival: Held annually for the past 20 years, this festival presents arts and crafts exhibits for coach bus visitors to enjoy. Held usually in the late spring.
  • Beach Party: This is one major event held in Decatur that you should not miss. Held in midsummer, Ponce de Leon Avenue is closed and sand is placed in it. There are also food and drink vendors to hype the festivities, as well as a bandstand and a children play area.
  • Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival: Sample hundreds of local, national and imported beers in this grand festival. Usually held in October annually.

To get around and about Decatur, do book your charter bus at 1-888-492-3882 or 404-592-2674.

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